• Sony Vegas: Quickly Rotate Multiple Files

    In Sony Vegas, you can quickly rotate multiple files in the Project Media window. Simply select all the images needing to be rotated in the Project Media Window. Right-Click a selected file and choose either Rotate 90° Clockwise or Rotate 90° Counterclockwise from the shortcut menu. This is especially useful when portrait images are imported as landscapes and need to be rotated in the correct orientation. More

  • Sony Vegas: Rearrange Plugins

    Rearranging plug-ins in Sony Vegas is simple. Just click and drag the plug-in button to place it in a new location. This works best when you need to group certain plug-ins together. For example, I moved the Levels plug-in next to the Color Curves plug-in for faster switching between the two when color grading. More

  • Sony Vegas: Fine Tune Adjustments

    You can make fine adjustments in Sony Vegas. When adjusting event/plug-in settings, hold Ctrl while moving the effect control. This will cause the mouse to move in fine increments. More

  • Sony Vegas: Change Display Colors

    Vegas Pro gives you the options to adjust Track colors, Envelope colors, Snap colors as well as the intensity of the icons in the track header. To view and change these settings, go to Options > Preferences and click the Display Tab. From here, you can make the appropriate color adjustments. More

  • Sony Vegas: Duplicate Timeline Events

    Quickly duplicate any timeline events in Sony Vegas by holding Ctrl while dragging the media over to your target position. To duplicate multiple events at once, select them all and Ctrl — drag them to your target position. Once you let go, you’ll have an exact copy of those events. More

  • Sony Vegas: Duplicate Tracks

    You may come across a time where you want to make an exact copy of a track in Sony Vegas — including events, effects, and envelopes. To do this, Right-Click the track header and choose Duplicate Track from the shortcut menu. More

  • Sony Vegas: Override Snapping

    Ever need to quickly override snapping while moving media in the Sony Vegas timeline? Simply hold down the Shift key while moving clips to temporarily disable snapping. If snapping’s already disabled and you’d like to quickly enable it, hold down the Shift key while moving clips to temporarily enable snapping. F8 is the shortcut key to completely enable/disable snapping. More

  • Sony Vegas: Walk-By Transition

    In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at creating a walk-by transition in Sony Vegas Pro 11. Basically, we’ll have a person walk by the scene of our first shot and the video will transition to another scene as the person is walking by. This works great if you’re shooting a public scene and you […] More

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