“I just wanted to ask you (the thing I am searching for 2 years) how to make channel logos?! In your case, it is “Robert Productions Subscribe >>>>>”

  • Answer: In order to get that banner on your video page, you must first become a YouTube Partner. If you are not familiar of what that is, ask “Google”

How could you be a YT Partner easily? How did u get to be one?

  • Answer: I became a YouTube Partner because I’ve been getting a lot of views and have had a good amount of subscribers when I first applied to become one. YouTube then accepted me.

How to get links in your Background

  • Answer: Links in your channel background is yet another benefit of being a YouTube Partner.

What kind of microphone are you using for your tutorials?

  • Answer: I’m using the Samson CO1U Studio Condenser Mic

Samson CO1U USB Condenser Microphone

  • Update 2011: I now use an Audio Technica 2020 XLR mic with an audio mixer.


What screen recorder are you using?

  • Answer: I use Camtasia Studio for screen recording

Camtasia Studio Version 7

How do you add sound in After Effects?

  • Answer: There’s a blog post from Andrew Kramer at Videocopilot.net CLICK HERE

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