• Sony Vegas: Import Layered PSDs

    Sony Vegas Pro allows you to import layered PSD files into the timeline. Just Right-Click and Drag the file to the timeline. Once you let go, a shortcut menu will display. From here, choose Add Across Tracks. All the layers from that PSD file will import as individual tracks in the timeline. This is useful when creating graphics in Photoshop and animating them in Sony Vegas. More

  • Sony Vegas: Adding Only Video/Audio to Timeline

    You can choose to only add audio or video to your timeline in Sony Vegas. Simply Right-Click and Drag the files to the timeline. Once you let go, a shortcut menu will display. From here, you can choose Audio Only or Video Only and select how you want them imported… More

  • Sony Vegas: Auto Preview

    You can automatically preview selected clips from the Project Media window by selecting the Auto Preview button. Anytime you select a clip in the Project Media Window, it will automatically play in the Trimmer window. To turn this off, simply select the Auto Preview button again. More

  • Sony Vegas: Project Nesting

    Vegas Pro allows you to nest other Vegas Projects in the timeline. This can further help you organize your timeline by creating complex compositions in one project and importing it as a single element in your current project. To do this, just import the Vegas Project(.veg) to the timeline in Sony Vegas… More

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    Sony Vegas: Fit Project in Timeline

    To fit your entire project within the Timeline window, Double-Click the Horizontal and Vertical Scroll Bars. Double-Clicking the Vertical scroll bar will zoom the project out so as many tracks possible will be displayed. Double-Clicking the Horizontal scroll bar will zoom out so that the entire length of the project will display. More

  • Sony Vegas: Timeline Position

    If you prefer to work with the timeline at the top on the main window in Sony Vegas, go to Options > Preferences. In the Display tab, un-check “Display timeline at bottom of main window”. Click Apply > OK. Your timeline will now appear at the top of the main window. If you’d like your timeline to be at the bottom of the main window, simply do the opposite. More

  • Sony Vegas: Lens Flare Transitions

    Adding lens flares to transitions in video can really help make your video look more professional and set the mood for your scene. Recently, I got a chance to review Rody’s Lens FX and Lens FX Fantasy from RodyPolis.com. These are great stock footage lens flares that can not only be used in Sony Vegas but […] More

  • Sony Vegas: Match Media Settings

    In the Vegas Pro Project Properties window, you can automatically match the settings of any media file. To do this, simply click the Match Media Settings button in the Project Properties Window. You must then choose which file you’d like to match and click Open. Your Project Properties should now match the properties from the selected media file. More

  • Sony Vegas: Open the Keyframe Window

    In previous versions of Sony Vegas, the Keyframe window always remained visible. With Vegas Pro 11, you must open the Keyframe window when you want to animate Keyframes. To do this, click a controls Animate (Stop Watch) icon next to each item you wish to animate. More

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