10 Free Stock Photo Sites

Sometimes it can be such a pain looking for stock photography that’s actually FREE and not just Royalty Free. Royalty Free stock photography basically means that you don’t have to pay the photographer every time you use the photo, but you do have to pay for the actual photo itself. Over the years, I found what’s now known as “my little collection” of free stock photography sites. Today, I’ve decided to share those with you and better expand your collection of free stock photography sites.

1. Image After – Free Photos & Textures

2. Freepixels – Corporate type Images

3. Stock.XCHNG – Free Stock Photography

4. Photo Rack – Free Stock Photos Categorized only

5. Image Base – Free to use Photos

6. Morgue File – Free Stock Photography

7. Open Photo – Free Stock Photography grouped by categories

8. Woophy – Travel Photography Community

9. Free Historical Stock Photos – Historical Stock Photos

10. Public Domain Photos – Public Domain Photography

Written by Robert Carreno

Robert began making video tutorials on YouTube nearly 12 years ago. Teaching Photoshop and Sony Vegas, he's made over 250 video tutorials helping over 10 million people and has been recognized by Sony. He loves being able to share his knowledge with others and inspiring them to create something awesome.

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