Ever wonder how to get that phone call voice effect like we’ve all heard in TV shows and movies? This can be done in Premiere quite easily with the Highpass and Lowpass audio filters.

Effect Control Settings

Step 1

Add both the Highpass and Lowpass filter effects to your audio clip. Both can be found in the Effects Panel.

Effects Panel

Step 2

Set the Highpass Cutoff between 400.0Hz - 700.0Hz.

Step 3

Set the Lowpass Cutoff to 4000.0Hz.Effect Control Audio Settings

Step 4

Adjust as necessary.⁣

That’s all there is to it! Now you can make it sound like they’re truly on the other line.

So what do these filters do exactly?

The Highpass effect removes frequencies below the specified Cutoff frequency. Therefore, giving you a more high pitched tinny sound.

The Lowpass effect removes frequencies above the specified Cutoff frequency giving you a more muffled sound.

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