A Mac keyboard has many keys that function the same as keys on a Windows keyboard, but that are named differently. Sometimes it can be hard to find out what the correct keys are online, so I created this list to show you what keys used on Windows do the same on a Mac.

Windows KeyMac KeyUse
AltOptionEnters special characters, such as ѐ.
Control (Ctrl)Control key on Mac – Command (⌘)Performs actions or shortcuts. Ex. Pressing Ctrl-S or ⌘-S usually saves a document or file.
Num LockNum LockShift-ClearIn some applications, controls whether pressing keys in the numeric keyboard enters numbers or moves the cursor.
Scroll LockControl-F14In some applications, controls whether pressing the arrow keys moves the cursor or scrolls in a windows.
Print Screen⌘-Shift-3⌘-Shift-4Takes pictures of the screen and saves to clipboard. On Mac, ⌘-Shift-3 takes a picture of the entire screen. ⌘-Shift-4 takes a picture of the part of the screen you select.
ShiftShiftSame on both. Allows lowercase letters to become capitalized.