CSS3 Price Tables

The other day while working on a project, I was looking for a way to add those price options just like you see on most web hosting sites. Below, you’ll see an example of what I’m talking about. I could never for the sake of mankind find out what the heck they were called for most of the day. FINALLY, by the end of the day, I came across some sites that geared me toward what they were called! They’re “Pricing Tables”, more specifically, “CSS3 Pricing Tables”. You’re probably thinking to yourself that this is a ‘little’ off topic and why would I want to know this, but I’m basically writing this in hopes of helping you all out. Maybe this will save you a little trouble when you come across wanting to add something like this in your next project. 😉 If you’re a web designer you’d probably already know about this but if you didn’t know, you’re welcome.

I also found this website which helped me design my own


Written by Robert Carreno

Robert began making video tutorials on YouTube nearly 12 years ago. Teaching Photoshop and Sony Vegas, he's made over 250 video tutorials helping over 10 million people and has been recognized by Sony. He loves being able to share his knowledge with others and inspiring them to create something awesome.

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