Have you ever lost a game because you accidentally hit the Windows key? In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to disable that pesky little Windows key using SharpKeys freeware from RandyRants.com

I’m now recieving Malicious web site warnings when I visit this site. Proceed at your own risk. The software tested out ok after I downloaded it.
– Download SharpKeys: http://bit.ly/jsfPEE

Other Options Available:
JohnHaller.com Registry Files: http://bit.ly/mlLEPZ
AutoHotKey: http://www.autohotkey.com/
(How to use AutoHotKey – http://bit.ly/jX3WzW)

– These files are provided without warranty. Use them at your own risk.
– These files will overwrite any keyboard mappings you currently have.
– .REG files update your Windows registry. Incorrect changes to the registry may damage Windows or other installed software. Be sure you know what a given .REG file contains before merging it into the registry.
– I am not held responsible for any damage you may have caused while working with registry files.

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