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    Frame Jitter Effect in Sony Vegas

    The other day, I came across the “No Love” music video by Eminem and noticed an effect in the video showing this choppy low frame rate effect. I became intrigued and wanted to try this in Sony Vegas. In this series of tutorials, I will take a look at various effects in commercials, music videos, […] More

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    Music Video Flicker Effect

    We’ve all seen it at least once. You watch a music video and one of the effects you see is a strobe like frame by frame flash that goes to the beat. As requested, we’ll be taking a look at how to do just that in Vegas Pro 12. We’ll be using general features not […] More

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    Sony Vegas: Quantize to Frames

    Have you ever tried editing a music video with a multi-camera sequence where you need to sync the two video clips together, but you never get it just right? You zoom in as far as you can on the timeline to move the clip up or down a frame but you just can’t get it […] More

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    Where I Get My Music From

    In this video, I show you just three of the music sites I know of to get music from. Two are free and one is paid. If you know of anymore FREE to use music sites, please comment below! Audionautix – (Free) Incompetech – (Free) AudioJungle – (Paid) More

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    How To: Add Music & Videos to an IPod

    Not quite sure how to add music or videos on your Ipod? In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to do just that! Contact: Request Tutorials: Site: Hope this helped! Thanks for Watching More