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    Sony Vegas: Customize the Toolbar

    You can customize the toolbar in Sony Vegas to your specific needs. To add or remove tools, simply go to Options > Customize Toolbar. From here, you can add or remove tools that are most needed or not when editing. To add buttons click on the new button in the Available toolbar buttons list and click the Add button. The new button will be added to the toolbar above the current selected button in the Current toolbar list. More

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    Sony Vegas: Add Transition to Multiple Events

    You may come across a time where you want to add a certain transition to multiple clips in your timeline. To add a transition to multiple clips at once, Select all the clips you’d like to apply a transition to. Find the transition in the Transitions Window and drag your chosen transition down to one of the selected clips. All the selected clips should now have the added transition.


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    Sony Vegas – Muzzle Flash

    In this tutorial, I show you how to add a muzzle flash stock clip to make it look like the gun is really firing in Sony Vegas Pro 11. You’ll also learn how to add pre-keyed alpha footage into your project. Get the Shootout Stock Pack here: (On sale $14.99 till Dec. 1) Facebook: […] More

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    Sony Vegas – Adding Effects Quickly

    In this tutorial, I show you how to add transitions and video FX quicker without getting the options pop-up window as well as how to add transitions/FX to mulitiple clips at once using the powere of the SHIFT key. Facebook: Twitter: Site: Request: Email: [email protected] (Questions) If you have any Sony […] More

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    Photoshop – Retro Look

    In this tutorial, I show you how to add a retro looking effect to your photos in Photoshop CS5. Download Project: (Note: The project download above does NOT contain the stock photo used in this tutorial, you will have to add that yourself) Facebook: Twitter: Site: Request: Email: [email protected] (Questions) […] More

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    How To: Add Music & Videos to an IPod

    Not quite sure how to add music or videos on your Ipod? In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to do just that! Contact: Request Tutorials: Site: Hope this helped! Thanks for Watching More