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    Sony Vegas: Stabilize Footage

    Shaky footage in your timeline? Vegas Pro has the ability to help stabilize video by using the Stabilize plug-in. Simply select the video you want to stabilize. From the Tools menu, choose Video and choose Media FX. Choose Sony Stabilize from the Plugin Chooser and select one of the presets or adjust the settings as […] More

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    Sony Vegas: Masking

    The other day, I was inspired by the movie, “Chronicle” to reproduce the titles shown at the end of the movie in Sony Vegas. It’s a very simple effect yet adds a nice little pop to titles and credits. In a nutshell, you’ll learn how to mask media events to make them transparent so that we can add any image or video behind them. Be sure to watch the video tutorial above to fully understand the power of masking. More

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    Sony Vegas – Stabilizing Shaky Footage

    In this tutorial, I show you how stabilize your footage using the stabilizer plug-in in Sony Vegas Pro 10. Note – This will only work for Sony Vegas PRO 10. Facebook: Twitter: Site: Request: Email: [email protected] (Questions) More