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    Sony Vegas: Time Stretch

    You can change the duration of an event without changing its contents. Simply hold “Ctrl” while dragging the right or left edge of an event. Stretching the event inwards will speed up the clip while stretching it outwards will slow it down. To preserve the audio while stretching, right click the audio clip and choose” […] More

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    Sony Vegas: Masking

    The other day, I was inspired by the movie, “Chronicle” to reproduce the titles shown at the end of the movie in Sony Vegas. It’s a very simple effect yet adds a nice little pop to titles and credits. In a nutshell, you’ll learn how to mask media events to make them transparent so that we can add any image or video behind them. Be sure to watch the video tutorial above to fully understand the power of masking. More

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    Sony Vegas: Sequence Editing

    Did you know you can combine multiple tracks in Vegas Pro? Instead of having a bunch of tracks stacked up on top of each other cluttering your timeline, open a new window of Vegas. Place all your edits, titles, tracks, etc. how you want in there. Save the project as you would any other project […] More

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    Sony Vegas Pro 11: What’s New

    Vegas Pro 11 provides an efficient, intuitive and integrated content creation environment for video and broadcast professionals. Now featuring GPU-accelerated performance with OpenCL supported devices, Vegas Pro 11 powers through video processing and rendering tasks with ease. With innovative stereoscopic 3D tools, broad format support, unparalleled audio control, and GPU-ignited effects processing and rendering, the […] More

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    Sony Vegas – Adding Effects Quickly

    In this tutorial, I show you how to add transitions and video FX quicker without getting the options pop-up window as well as how to add transitions/FX to mulitiple clips at once using the powere of the SHIFT key. Facebook: Twitter: Site: Request: Email: [email protected] (Questions) If you have any Sony […] More

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    Sony Vegas – Make Pictures Talk

    In this tutorial, I show you how to bring pictures to life by making them move their mouths as if they were talking in which then you could make them say anything! Facebook: Twitter: Site: Request: Email: [email protected] (Questions) If you have any Sony Vegas tutorial requests, feel free to leave […] More