LOOTCRATE: February’s Unboxing – Warriors!


Today, we’re reviewing February’s LOOTCRATE! If you’re unfamiliar with what it is, you won’t be for long. LOOTCRATE ships you a box full of geek and gamer gear once every month. Each month has a theme and this month’s theme is “Warriors”. Let’s take a look at what’s inside shall we…



  • Dunny Sideshow Box Figure
  • Alpha Battle T-Shirt
  • Bravest Warriors Bow Tie
  • Gas Powered Stick Cinch Bag
  • Bravest Warriors Digital Comic
  • Bravest Warrior stickers
  • Bacon Love Card
  • February’s Pin

Overall, I think this crate was great! There’s a few handy shelf fillers in there along with a TShirt! Get your monthly LOOTCRATE subscription by visiting http://www.lootcrate.com/robsproductions and save 10% off any subscription with the code ROBSPRO

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Written by Robert Carreno

Robert began making video tutorials on YouTube nearly 7 years ago. Teaching Photoshop and Sony Vegas, he's made over 250 video tutorials helping almost 6 million people and has been recognized by Sony. He loves being able to share his knowledge with others and inspiring them to create something awesome.